Landscape Photography at the Coast

Searching for Seascapes and a Sky of Fire by Wayne Robertson

In recent weeks I have been at the coast hoping to capture some seascapes. In one of those trips I faced changeable conditions and ending up returning to the same location twice, you can watch that video here. In my second trip I headed out to another location in the hope of capturing some sunset images with wonderful colour in the sky.  I was fortunate enough to witness an amazing sunset with wonderful colour, that video is available here.

Landscape 093.jpg

Waiting For a Stunning Sunset by Wayne Robertson

Sunsets at the coast can be so rewarding and so challenging too. The tide is always changing and that makes our compositions change too, then we need to factor in the changing light. The coast is definitely one of my favourite places for landscape photography and I love the challenges it brings. In my most recent vlog I headed out on a beautiful night to try and capture an amazing sunset. You can watch the video here.

Landscape 091.jpg

Changing Weather and Nervous Waits by Wayne Robertson

The weather can change significantly in a matter of minutes. I decided to visit the Aberdeenshire coastline one evening as it had been a beautiful day. Not long after I headed out to do some landscape photography the weather changed and the clouds rolled in! I found a couple of scenes I really liked but had a nervous evening waiting to see if the sun would come out from behind the clouds. You can watch what happened here.

Landscape 087.jpg

Light, Composition and a Castle by Wayne Robertson

Light and composition are essential components of successful photography. In this landscape photography vlog on my YouTube channel I discuss their importance while photographing castle ruins on the North East coast of Scotland. You can watch my video here.


Landscape 082.jpg

Landscape Photography in Tough Conditions by Wayne Robertson

Tough weather conditions can make landscape photography difficult. I recently ventured out in strong winds to capture some coastal images on a stormy day. As long as you can make sure you are safe, and that your camera equipment is sufficiently protected, tough conditions offer great photographic opportunities. You can see how I got on via my YouTube video here.

Landscape 080.jpg

Telling the Story of a Location by Wayne Robertson

I recently visited a coastal location hoping to capture three images which I felt worked well together and told the story of the area. After exploring the area and working on some compositions I captured three images which I felt achieved my goal. This can be a rewarding exercise, not only can you get a set of images which look good together on your wall but it is also a great way to improve your landscape photography. You can watch my day here.


Landscape 073.jpg