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Photography in an Ancient Woodland - Woodland Photography Tips and Ideas by Wayne Robertson

I’m just back from a trip to an ancient woodland where I enjoyed some fulfilling photography but faced challenges in terms of the woodland itself and the weather. I created a video showing my experience and I give some tips and ideas to hopefully help you in your own woodland photography. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel here.


Is the Importance of Golden Hour Overrated in Landscape Photography? by Wayne Robertson

As soon as you begin your journey as a landscape photographer you will start to read and hear about the importance of taking images at golden hour. It can certainly help us capture some wonderful images, but is it the only time of day we can capture our best photographs? That’s what I discuss in my latest YouTube video which you can watch here.


Capturing Autumn Colour by Wayne Robertson

Autumn is here! It's one of my favourite times of the year and it's fantastic for landscape photography. Summer can sometimes be quite difficult but autumn comes with lots of opportunities. I recently spent a day capturing the colours of autumn, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel here.


How To Create Balanced Compositions + Print Giveaway by Wayne Robertson

Balance is a very important part of creating a nice image - get it wrong and the image just won't feel right to the viewer. I give some tips on this in my recent video which you can watch here. Also, would you like the chance to get a free print of an image such as the one below? I'm running a giveaway of two free prints, the details of how to enter are in the video.

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How to Create Mood and Atmosphere in Landscape Photography by Wayne Robertson

One of the things I love about taking images is having the opportunity to convey a certain mood and atmosphere and have the viewer feel something as they look at an image. Atmospheric images can leave a lasting impression. I give my thoughts on how to achieve this in my video which can be found here.

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The Highlands of Scotland by Wayne Robertson

I just returned from enjoying a few days landscape photography in the Highlands of Scotland. I was fortunate to be met with some beautiful weather and stunning scenery including snow covered mountains. An important part of landscape photography is enjoying the scenery while on location as much as enjoying the end result in terms of the images you capture. I felt lucky to do both. Some of my trip is available to see here.

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Light, Composition and a Castle by Wayne Robertson

Light and composition are essential components of successful photography. In this landscape photography vlog on my YouTube channel I discuss their importance while photographing castle ruins on the North East coast of Scotland. You can watch my video here.


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When Conditions Change by Wayne Robertson

At some point everyone who enjoys landscape photography will encounter a day where the weather is nice then, after heading out, the grey clouds start to appear. This happened to me recently, you can watch how I tackled this situation here.

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Taking Good Images in Dull Weather by Wayne Robertson


It is still possible to take really nice images on a dull day. In overcast conditions I head to the woods and search for compositions which appeal to my eye. The sun appears once and only very briefly but I leave with some nice images which I am happy with. We can’t always be out at sunrise and sunset but you can still capture great images at other times of the day and in less than ideal weather conditions. Watch my journey here.

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Telling the Story of a Location by Wayne Robertson

I recently visited a coastal location hoping to capture three images which I felt worked well together and told the story of the area. After exploring the area and working on some compositions I captured three images which I felt achieved my goal. This can be a rewarding exercise, not only can you get a set of images which look good together on your wall but it is also a great way to improve your landscape photography. You can watch my day here.


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