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You Can't Rush Landscape Photography by Wayne Robertson

I've just released a video in which I climb high in the hills and mountains of Scotland and capture three images around sunset. I discuss the importance of preparation and taking your time when capturing landscape images to give yourself the best chance of success. You can watch my video here.

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Recent Landscape Photography Trips by Wayne Robertson

I've been on a few trips recently in various places across Scotland and I have vlogs from some of these on my YouTube channel. I always enjoy looking for unique images and I talk about that in one of my videos, I also have a couple of woodland photography videos posted. I really enjoy woodland photography and the search for interesting compositions. You can watch my latest video here and I've included a couple of images from recent videos below.

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Searching for Seascapes and a Sky of Fire by Wayne Robertson

In recent weeks I have been at the coast hoping to capture some seascapes. In one of those trips I faced changeable conditions and ending up returning to the same location twice, you can watch that video here. In my second trip I headed out to another location in the hope of capturing some sunset images with wonderful colour in the sky.  I was fortunate enough to witness an amazing sunset with wonderful colour, that video is available here.

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Landscape Photography in the Scottish Highlands by Wayne Robertson

I enjoyed some great weather and fantastic views on my latest landscape photography trip in the Scottish Highlands. The climb was steep and certainly not easy carrying a lot of gear but my reward at the top was to witness one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. The wind was strong and cold but that didn’t matter as the colours were incredible and it was a privilege to witness the sun set for the day. You can watch my journey here.

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