About Me



My name is Wayne Robertson and I am a landscape and wildlife photographer based in Moray, Scotland.

My Photography Journey

I have had an almost lifelong interest in photography. From a young age I enjoyed being outside with my camera taking pictures of anything that caught my eye. Often I'd go walking with my dog to see what I could find to photograph and gradually my skills with my camera improved.

Keen to learn more I have spent considerable time practicing and studying photography and I have studied a number of photography courses and gained diplomas for my efforts.

While experienced in various types of photography my main passions are for landscape and wildlife photography and I made a decision to concentrate fully on these. I dedicate the majority of my time to photographing landscapes which sees me travel across Scotland.

Here are a few images I’ve captured from other photography genres before choosing to focus completely on landscapes and wildlife:

My Philosophy

Photography is an art, an image is a vision and I use equipment which I feel helps me realise my vision. I use a professional Canon camera and premium Canon lenses combined with other quality photography equipment. Good equipment does not guarantee good photographs! However in my opinion this setup enables me to capture my images in the best quality that I can, and results in a better end product for my customers and myself. All prints that I produce are created using the latest printing technologies to hopefully give years of pleasure.

In every area of my photography I strive to deliver the best results that I can and to deliver the best service possible. PetaPixel featured one of my YouTube videos in an article on their website which you can read here.

What Can I Do For You?

I specialise in landscape and wildlife photography and you can see examples of my work throughout my website. My range of limited edition landscape and wildlife prints can be browsed and purchased securely through my Store. In addition to providing prints I can also provide framed prints and images printed on other materials, if this is of interest to you please contact me. I also run a number of landscape photography workshops in Scotland in which I can help you with your photography and show you some beautiful places to photograph. You can find details of these in my Workshops section. If you’d like to attend a workshop but the dates on offer are unsuitable feel free to contact me as I may be able to arrange something to suit your requirements.

I have taken images of locations for clients so they can have an image of somewhere special to them hanging in their homes. Whether capturing a location that has special meaning to you or preparing one of my existing landscape or wildlife prints for you, I will deliver a professional service tailored to your needs. I would be delighted to be able to provide you with images that you can treasure.

I also have a YouTube channel on which I publish lots of landscape photography videos including tips and information to help you. You may find some videos on wildlife photography there too. You can find my channel here.

If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your photography requirements further.

Copyright Notice

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